***Green Dog Safety***
1. Please pull up to the door and call 207 351-3018.
2. Please no collars and leashes as we will bring your pet in on our equipment.
3. When your pet is finished we will call you to let you know about pickup
4.We accept cash and venmo payments only. our venmo badge is at the bottom of all emails you receive by us.
5. We only groom one dog at a time so it is a priority that you are on time please.

One on One Grooming
Professionally Certified Groomers
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DOG GROOMING - York, Maine

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Welcome to Green Dog. When you want your pet to look their best, visit us for dog grooming, nail trimming, and more at Green Dog Grooming Spa in York, Maine.

We are a full service dog grooming facility. Our facilities emphasize the highest quality care and attention, with natural, environmentally safe handmade products, in our very own home.

Our clean environment will give you peace of mind. Our facilities were created to leave as few foot prints on the eco-system as possible, and everyday we strive to be more eco-friendly. facebook dog groomer We make natural products with oil therapy in order to provide your pet with the best experience and healing.

Please call us to make an appointment or stop by to check us out. Dog Grooming sessions are by appointment only, Mon - Sat Closed on Sunday.

Catherine Rollock, the owner, and her staff have over 30 years of professional dog grooming experience. They are all certified professional dog groomers. Catherine has created a luxury dog grooming spa. Catherine is a certified professional canine cosmetologist, certified in Canine Nutrition, Small animal C.P.R., Essential Oil Therapy, and Reiki massage.
We specialize in special needs dogs and hard to groom dogs. You'll find that we use very high end products and the latest tools and equipment.

My name is Catherine and I developed Green Dog Grooming Spa with the concept of providing a calm, clean, caring environment where we give pets the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT they deserve! Your pet will be well taken care of. We treat each animal with care and strive to provide a safe and clean environment for your pet. Our spa is a full service dog grooming salon. Everything we do is geared toward providing your pet with a comfortable and relaxed dog grooming experience. We never use tranquilizers or drugs, only tender positive techniques.

Catherine has created her own line of organic based shampoo line which has found widespread popularity among her clients. Her shampoo line is based on therapeutic essential oils for healing skin ailments. She has separate lines for arthritis pain inflamation, whitening, anti-itch/dandruff, and a medicated line for skin trauma and/or hot spots.
We groom all breeds and all sizes. Our rates are very reasonable and first time visits can receive a $3 discount on a full grooming session.

Dog Grooming Services (Click here for more info)
      • Professional Dog Grooming
      • All Breed Dog Grooming
      • Large dogs welcome
      • Pick-up and Delivery service
      • Hair Dyes / Hand Stripping
      • Custom and Show Styling
      • Shedding Management Programs
      • Dog Grooming Services at reasonable rates
      • We help acclimate dogs to grooming sessions.
      • Essential Oil Treatments
      • Natural, organic, bio-degradable, Flea, and Tick grooming supplies used

Click Here to read SeaCoastOnline news article, describing how Catherine became a professional dog groomer and how Green Dog Grooming Spa came to be.

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We want your pet to feel special and we want them to be comfortable

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We offer a clean relaxed dog grooming atmosphere. Our dog groomers have many years of dog grooming experience and are Red Cross certified in both Dog and Cat first aid. You can trust we'll provide a pleasant, professional, and caring environment for your pet. We specialize in "Gentle Touch" dog grooming. Remember, keeping your pet happy during their stay with me, is always our top priority!
The Green Dog is so named because all of our cleaning products are "good for the dog and good for the environment". We create a vibe of calmness and relaxation, knowing that calm handlers help keep dogs calm. Many of our new dog grooming clients with nervous dogs or difficult dogs remark to us, after the second or third visit, that their pets now can't wait to be here, even enjoying socializing with the other dogs. You'll find we groom a maximum of 4 dogs per day, for each employee. This allows us to give each pet individual time.

Dog Grooming Services we offer:

We offer Dog Grooming services. From bathing and fancy hair cuts, to skin care, moisturizing, anti-dandruff and de-shedding treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great! We welcome all breeds and all sizes.
A complete dog grooming, includes hair cut, bath, nails, ear hair removal, glands expressed during bath, and flea shampoo if needed.
All dog grooming services are available by appointment. We do this to minimize the amount of wait time your pet has while here.

Full Service Dog Groom With Haircut

• Bath • Blow-dry
• Brush • Haircut
• Toenails • Conditioner
• Cologne • Nail Dremel
• Bandana or Bow

Other Servicing Notes

   • Hair cuts can be done to customer specifications if possible.
   • No sedation is ever used
   • We work at a pace that is comfortable to your dog to minimize stress on your pet.
   • 100% Natural products - No detergents used
   • My pricing is very competitive, and is based on the coat type, condition, length, and size/breed of dog.
   • I can give a price range quote over the phone based on your description of your dog.
   • Early drop off and late pick up available upon request.
   • Cage drying is never used. All dogs are hand fluff dried.
   • We are experts in turning around aggressive dogs to well mannered grooming clients.

If you're looking for assembly line grooming this is not the place for you.    If you want your pet doted on, this is the place.

We would love to give you exact pricing information so you'll know exactly what to expect. However, pets are as individual as people. There's so many kinds of dogs, sizes, fur lengths, thicknesses, needs, that it's not possible to put them all here. Our pricing is very competitive, and is based on the coat type, condition, length, and size/breed of dog.
Please stop in for a visit with your pet and we'll be happy to give you a free quote or call us and we'll give you a price range quote over the phone based on a description of your dog.

Other Services
   • Teeth Brushing
   • Teeth Cleaning
   • Itchy Skin Baths
   • BlueBerry Facials
   • Nails Polished
   • Complimentary cookies and potty breaks offered to all dogs with a small trail behind the building open for short walks.
   • Pick-Up and Delivery availble(call for more info)
   • Walk-In(if space is available) Nail Trims
   • Special Shampoos(we make our own). Conditioners available for different skin treatments
   • Medicated Flea Treatments
   • Extra Brushing Time, and Extensive Conditioning Treatments

Customer Comments

   Excellent Grooming
What a great place to bring your dog! And by far the best wash and cut my 2 poodles have ever had. - PetGroomingInfo.com

   They always treat my dog great
Janice Palmieri
They always treat my dog great, I love the report card! She comes out with sparkles, bows, and a pretty paw-dicure. Love them!
Janice Palmieri - Facebook

   They do an amazing job
Rachael Owens
They do an amazing job on our Alaskan malamute! She is a tough one to groom but she always looks so beautiful after picking her up from here! The staff is amazing and know how to handle each individual dog!
Rachael Owens - Facebook

   Wonderful staff and gorgeous facility!
Kate MacLeod
I brought my Aussie pup in for his first grooming. He came back happy and handsome. Wonderful staff and gorgeous facility!
Kate MacLeod - Facebook

   I couldn't recommend Green Dog more!
Ben Barron
I have dropped my dogs off here to be taken care of in the past and the crew at Green Dog always does a great job. When I have dropped off my dogs, they look great after, and they're very well cared for while they're there. Today I used the self service option. The ladies were super helpful and gave me some great tips. What was really cool is seeing the whole Green Dog operation at work behind the scenes. They truly love each dog as their own and seem to really love their work. I couldn't recommend Green Dog more!
Ben Barron - Facebook

   They love going to Green Dog!
Patti Vohland Venenga
My dogs get so excited when I tell them they are going to be pretty girls. They love going to Green Dog and that's the most important thing!
Patti Vohland Venenga - Facebook

Customer Comments

   Great with the dogs!
Jonathan Farrand
Great with the dogs! And the glitter noses and handkerchiefs sold me for sure! Lol
Jonathan Farrand - Facebook

   I give Green Dog Grooming Spa & Dog Wash my full endorsement
Lee Tsetseranos
I give Green Dog Grooming Spa & Dog Wash my full endorsement, I'm not only the hair club president but I'm also a client.
Lee Tsetseranos - Facebook

   This truly is a spa for dogs..
Susan Garand
This truly is a spa for dogs.. My Emma comes out looking like a princess and I couldn't be happier
Susan Garand - Facebook

   My rating is 5 out of 5
Troy Williams
My rating is 5 out of 5 but it's not showing properly.
Troy Williams - Facebook

   The Best groomer i've been to...
Mark Maine
The Best groomer i've been to in 12 years of my dog's life!!
Mark Maine - Facebook

   Sasha Has Never Looked So Good
Gene Cosloy
Sasha Has Never Looked So Good. She's Prancing Around Like The Queen Of Kittery Pt.
Gene Cosloy - Facebook

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Owner: Catherine Rollock
WebSite: GreenDogYork.com
Email: GreenDogYork@Gmail.Com

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Green Dog Grooming
(Dog Grooming)
Phone: (207) 351-3018
Address: 180 Woodbridge Rd.
York, ME. 03909

Hours of Operation
Mon - Sat (By Appointment Only)
Closed on Sunday
Email: GreenDogYork@Gmail.Com